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Never worry about touching a printer or scanner control panel again.

With our TouchFree MFP app, you can remotely access compatible HP printers and multi-function devices through your phone.  

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Check out Compatible Devices

This app supports HP OXPd enabled devices, click below to see specific devices.

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Who Can Benefit From TouchFree MFP App?

  • Anyone who uses a shared HP printer or multi-function device
  • People who don't want to touch shared surfaces
  • People who want the ability to print from their phone
  • People who use shared printers often
  • Anyone who frequently shares documents

Key Features of TouchFree MFP

  • CONNECT your phone to a printer or MFP on the same network. 

  • PRINT any supported document on your phone.   

  • SCAN documents and save them to your phone without touching the MFP control panel. 

  • SHARE your scanned documents anywhere your phone can share.  (Available in the premium upgrade.) 

  • COPY documents without touching the MFP control panel.  (Available in the premium upgrade.)

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Ready To Get Started?

Download our app now and start your TouchFree experience today.

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