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Cody Erben VP of Technology
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Since 2016, Cody has brought software engineer experience to the table.

As our VP of Technology, he serves as a leader and engineer, driving the development process and teams to deliver the highest-quality results that make a difference to our teams and partners.


Wes Dockstader Data Architect
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Wes has solved countless customer issues in his tenure at In Time Tec.

This knowledge, along with his desire to help others and expertise in team augmentation, makes him an expert in handling and understanding data in its many forms.


Alex Callender SDET
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Alex leads the QA/TA team at In Time Tec.

Using his extensive knowledge of frameworks and automated testing, he keeps technology systems clean and quality around the clock.


Bryan Klein UX/UI Manager
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Bryan is a passionate designer of human-centric user experiences.

As In Time Tec's UX/UI Manager, his area of expertise covers the UX/UI design process from concept to execution.


John Mathew Technical Architect
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John's technology expertise is a stronghold of cybersecurity knowledge.

Driven by his goal of creating secure and resilient environments that promote business growth and innovation, he has successfully led and delivered all kinds of cybersecurity projects.