Our Story

Our Story

We’re a Platform Dedicated to


We Just Happen to Build Software.

In 2009, five like-minded entrepreneurs wanted to start something more than a business;
they wanted to build a platform for Creating Abundance.


These five friends left the security of their long-term corporate careers to pursue their entrepreneur journey together, committing each day to living our company values of trust, transparency, integrity, and leadership at work and at home.


Our story is what happens when people are truly committed to showing up powerfully in life. Our experienced team is full of passionate individuals who are dedicated to the contributions they can make in the world.

In Time Tec Founders

Our Founders

Why Creating Abundance for 5 friends has changed thousands of lives for the better
Jeet Kumar
CEO | President | Founder
Let’s Create Abundance
Dan Puga
EVP | Founder
Do Right Regardless
Sandeep Jain
Managing Director | Founder
Continuously Invest in Others
Matt Fratzke
EVP | Founder
Our Company Cares About You
Rakesh Sawan
CTO | Founder
Improving Life Around Me

What does creating abundance mean?

When we say creating abundance, we mean being more, doing more, and having more.

We truly believe that by living our values, we can create more in our world – more love, more financial success, more support, more education. For software development, this means that our services enable other companies to live their dreams and show up as powerful forces in their industry.

Our values

We’re here to create abundance for others

We strive to uplift and inspire everyone we interact with.


A strong part of this is how we live professionally and privately within our core company values.