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Today, there is an app for almost everything. Businesses all over the world have began utilizing mobile apps - and their customers expect this process to be seamless. In Time Tec offers a mobile app development service that can help your business stay competitive and up to date. 

Having a mobile app for your business will help you increase your visibility and be more accessible for your customers. Who doesn’t want that?

It can also help with brand recognition and marketing. Mobile applications allow you to communicate directly with your customer, which can help with customer loyalty. With there being more mobile users than desktop users, it’s time to make sure your customers have a flawless mobile application experience.

We’re here to help. 

Mobile App Development

Mobile Development in Action


Our client, a non-profit association that administers learning certificates and courses, had a manual honor-based system for tracking continuing education courses. Members would attend an event to get credits, get a piece of paper that would show the credits, and then manually enter credits in the non-profits existing system. Many people were forgetting to log or logging incorrect data and there was too much room for inaccuracies. In Time Tec built a mobile application that brought the whole system online. The app allows members to register, check in, and track events they attend for continuing education credits. Instead of remembering to manually track credits, members now just scan a QR code when they arrive at an event and their attendance is tracked for credit. More accuracy of continuing education credit tracking with less room for human error, saved members and client time.

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A Deeper Dive Into Mobile Application Development

Offer an enhanced customer experience with high-quality applications and on-time delivery. 

A deeper dive into mobile application development

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