Connect To MoodleTM

Printing and scanning school assignments has never been easier!

Connect to Moodle allows you to use your Moodle credentials to simplify your workflow. Using the printer interface, you can easily scan and print directly from your Moodle account.

Connect to Moodle saves time and improves document sharing between students and instructors. Set up is easy, as it integrates with the existing infrastructure for authentication and tracking.

Connect To Moodle Screenshot

Benefits for Universities

  • Simplify and eliminate steps in current workflows
  • Save time and improve sharing of documents between students and instructors
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure for authentication and tracking

Benefits for Students

  • Instant access to course materials
  • Access and print any course materials assigned for review
  • Preview and print assignments
  • Scan and upload completed assignments
Connect To Moodle Screenshots
Connect To Moodle Screenshots

Benefits for Instructors

  • View and print attendance records
  • View and print grade lists for different assignments
  • Scan and upload assignments and course content
  • View and print uploaded assignments from students

Simplify your workflow,
Simplify your life.

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