Connect to Remark Test Grading

It’s never been easier to connect to Gravic’s powerful, cloud-based test grading service to easily print, scan and automatically grade tests.

The Connect to Remark Test Grading application requires your Gravic’s Remark subscription to connect, allowing teachers to quickly distribute the test sheets (OMR sheets) to students. The application allows teachers to grade the tests by collecting the answer sheets (Bubbled OMR sheets) and scanning them. The graded test reports can be sent through email to each student. Using the application, teachers can accomplish multiple tasks quickly and efficiently. The Connect to Remark Test Grading is a complete replacement for the traditional manual test grading process.

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Current Challenges

  • Manual grading takes time
  • Emailing reports to many students 
  • Keeping track of tests
  • Scanning many tests


Connect to Remark allows you to: 

  • Directly login as admin or teacher 
  • Print the test sheets for distributing them to students
  • Scan the answer sheets for grading
  • Email the graded test reports to students
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  • Saves teachers time
  • More accurate test grading
  • Testing is easier to conduct
  • Reduces teacher stress

Simplify your workflow,
Simplify your life.

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