UI/UX Design

In a world where you can do almost anything from your computer, people expect these experiences to be flawless–and they notice almost every slight inconvenience during their experience. 

Here at In Time Tec, we go beyond just creating something that is visually appealing and instead incorporate solutions for your end-users' needs by maximizing usability.

The UI/UX design is the difference between a successful launch and a failed attempt. Whether working on an internal or a public facing application, we can work with you to improve your user experience.

Our team of expert designers work with you to ensure the user experience is smooth and successful. Whether you need someone from start to finish, or to jump in the middle of an already established project, we are dedicated to taking your application to the next level.

We listen to your pain points, learn about them, and then design solutions to eliminate them. We improve the experience for the end-users by ensuring our designs encourage user engagement, are intuitive to use, and are aesthetically pleasing.

Out of all the responses to a piece of design, “wow!” is the one we aim for.

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UI/UX Design in Action


Our client, an information technology company, had begun offering devices as a service, or DaaS. They needed a portal for clients to manage the contracts, renewals, and requests for new equipment. Initially, the technologists designed the tool from the client requests, which often meant that no one talked about user-interface (UI) design. This led to miscommunications about the look and feel of the portal and work was often redone. In Time Tec brought a UI designer onto the client’s team. This person was responsible for mocking up the design of the tool before the developers even began to code. They worked directly with both the client and the developers to ensure everyone was on the same page for the vision of the portal. The new portal was on-brand with the client’s other tools and marketing. This new portal saved both the client and developers time by introducing a designer to mock up features before they were coded, instead of the client wanting changes after. This created clarity as all people involved knew exactly what to expect with the look and feel of the portal.

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Quality Manifesto

We believe in openly sharing what we define as quality in regards to our work for you, our partners. Click below to download our quality manifesto.

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