What is an HP Workpath App?

 HP Workpath is a new open developer platform from HP that enables software applications to be installed on compatible HP Multifunction Printers (MFPs) running HP FutureSmart 4 or higher. These apps support a suite of software services that enable customers to better manage their print fleet by automating and simplifying processes.

As an HP Workpath partner, In Time Tec has created several HP Workpath apps targeting key vertical markets such as education and financial services. Explore the apps we have created below, and check back often as we are always expanding our options.

In Time Tec is an expert at building HP Workpath apps. If you are interested in automating and simplifying processes with an application that is not listed below, request it here

Education Apps


Allows teachers to quickly distribute the test sheets (OMR sheets) to the students by printing them. Connect clients with an easier way to print, grade, and email tests/grades when using Remark Test Grading.

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Save time and improve document sharing between students and instructors using the Blackboard platform. Explore how clients can benefit from simplifying their classroom workflows on Blackboard.

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Save time and improve document sharing between students and instructors using the Canvas platform. Learn how clients can simplify their classroom workflows to benefit teachers and students together on Canvas.

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Saves time and improve document sharing between students and instructors. See how teachers and students can save time by simplifying their classroom workflows on Moodle.

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Operations Apps


Scan bills and enter transactions using the printer interface, and immediately update to QuickBooks Online. Learn how to help your clients streamline their transaction workflows on QuickBooks Online.

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Scan secure documents from any HP device directly to SmartVault. Connect clients with a secure way to simplify current workflows in SmartVault.

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