In Time Tec and Balsam Brands 

Implementing DevOps to Improve Site Health and Reliability 

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Executive Summary 

Balsam Brands hired In Time Tec to augment their DevOps team in the development and monitoring of their worldwide eCommerce site. With In Time Tec’s help, Balsam Brands improved their process and had a successful 2020 holiday season with no revenue lost due to website  downtime or slow down.

The client - About Balsam Brands

About Balsam Brands

Balsam Brands is a multi-brand eCommerce retailer. Their flagship brand, Balsam Hill™, is the world's leading retailer of artificial Christmas trees and related holiday décor products. Their people strive for excellence in everything they do and they focus on leaving a lasting impact on the world around them. They have fast-growing teams in the Bay Area, Boise, Manila, and Dublin. 

Lack of Control/Knowledge

Balsam Brands has an eCommerce site that runs all of their retail business. There is potential to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if something goes wrong on the site, especially during the busy holiday season. Before partnering with In Time Tec, Balsam Brands was using another vendor; that vendor had full control, meaning if they ever disappeared, all the knowledge and access to Balsam’s website infrastructure would disappear as well. Additionally, this solution was very expensive and didn’t allow Balsam much direct control over their own site. This meant that if the site experienced any failures, downtime, or performance issues, Balsam would have to contact the vendor, wait for a response, and potentially lose money while the problem was addressed.

The Challenge - Lack of Control/Knowledge
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Blended DevOps Teams

In Time Tec had been working with Balsam Brands for Salesforce development. The Chief Technology Officer knew that In Time Tec had been producing results for that project so he decided to talk to In Time Tec about what else was possible. Soon, In Time Tec had formed a DevOps team for Balsam Brands. With a growing onshore and offshore team, we were able to learn the old system alongside the Balsam Brands DevOps team, ensuring that if our engagement ended, they would have people on their team who would have the necessary information and knowledge. Because of our blended onshore/offshore model, we are also able to provide 24/7 site support, when previously they were only able to get support during US business hours.  

No Down Time

  • Created a DevOps team for Balsam Brands so we can support them to roll out new features seamlessly, monitor continuously, and ensure no downtime for their site. 
  • In Time Tec provided an eight-person offshore team to work closely with Balsam Brand’s DevOps team.  
  • 2020 Holiday season: Balsam Brands eCommerce site did not have any downtime, ensuring no money was lost from website instability. 
  • Moved cloud providers from AWS to Azure for cost savings and improved features. 
  • Rolled out the eCommerce site to a new European market. 
  • Took over New Relic to monitor the website 24/7. 
  • Currently moving Balsam toward containerization for improved scalability and durability. 
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