Why should we work with In Time Tec?
Our values truly drive everything we do. Every single person in this company is committed to something bigger than themselves and that shows in our brand promise: ROI or you don’t pay. We achieve our dreams through your dreams so you can trust that we will support you and deliver the highest-quality services and products with open communication.
What criteria (if any) do you guys use while selecting a new client – the size of the client company, size of the project, technology preference, length of project?
First and foremost is the value add. If we can’t add value, we will not engage in a paid relationship just for the sake of a paycheck. So if the project or contract isn’t realistic or fair, we will pass. We also consider the annual revenue of the potential client only to ensure that they have the financial resources to fund the project. We believe in long-term partnerships and projects, and, more often than not, that requires a certain economic investment. However, the size of the client company or project doesn’t always matter; if any business has identified a problem that can be solved with software and they have the commitment to seeing that to fruition, we are all in.
What is your process of bringing a new client on board?
When it has been decided to engage with a client, there are a few things that happen. First, we have in-depth talks about the business value the engagement will offer to the client and the method by which we will deliver that value. Based on those conversations, we then identify the team members needed for the project. From there, the team will work with the client to define the requirements for a no-charge trial run. During that trial run, the team will work to deliver on the business value before beginning the billing engagement. Then it is full-speed ahead into creating abundance!
Where are all of your engineers located?
We use a very blended business model of onshore, offshore, and nearshore engineers. We have engineers who are local and can actually come to your office to work alongside your teams or they can work remotely from any of our offices in Meridian, Portland, or Sacramento. We also have engineers in Jaipur and Bangalore who will work while you sleep. And finally, we have what we call nearshore; these are offshore engineers who will work during US work hours to be available for your projects.
What do you mean when you say, “Creating Abundance”? How is it relevant to a software development company?
This is our favorite question. When we say creating abundance, we mean being more, doing more, and having more. It is relevant because we truly believe that by living our values, we can create more in our world – more love, more financial success, more support, more education. For software development, this means that our services enable other companies to live their dreams and show up as powerful forces in their industry.
What if I need a skill or area of expertise that you cannot provide?
When it comes to software, we are always learning and growing and improving. We stay up to date on industry standards and if there is something a client requests that we don’t know how to do, we are more than willing to learn if they are willing to come along with us.

How can In Time Tec help YOU live your dreams?