Our local DevOps and test teams fit seamlessly into existing development to test code and offer an improved experience for the end-user. These checks and balances speed up deployment and ensure code is clean and scalable.

By consolidating development and operations, our priority is helping businesses by offering around-the-clock support and maintenance.

From start to finish, we’ve got your back.

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DevOps in Action


In Time Tec worked with a digital marketing company to create multiple, identical environments rapidly. We ensured the environments created were consistent in order to assist the development workflow. We automated the creation oftest/dev/staging/production environments using Azure Resource Manager templates, and we automated machine configuration with Powershell DSC. This implementation helped reduce costs and delivery times. Our team made sure the defect cycle time was reduced, with an increased ability to reproduce and fix defects.

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Quality Manifesto

We believe in openly sharing what we define as quality in regards to our work for you, our partners. Click below to download our quality manifesto.

Explore how DevOps changed Balsam Brands

Learn how by implementing DevOps we were able to improve site health and reliability.

Explore how DevOps changed Balsam Brands
A deeper dive into DevOps

A Deeper Dive Into DevOps

Integrate development teams with operational teams by implementing automation.

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