In Time Tec and IdahoSTARS 

Implementing legacy software system modernization to streamline processes

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Executive Summary 

IdahoSTARS hired In Time Tec to streamline their outdated paper-based processes by providing a web-based approach that was easier to access, easier to use, more intuitive, and more reliable.

The client - About IdahoSTARS

About IdahoSTARS

IdahoSTARS is the leading expert and resource for quality child care in Idaho. They empower parents and early childhood professionals to make safe, healthy, nurturing, and educational child care a top priority. They support child care professionals to continually improve early care and education practices.

Complex Processes

IdahoSTARS used to rely on paper-based systems to complete coaching, training, licensing, and record keeping. This resulted in a slow turn-around time–ranging from weeks to months–for child care providers to get licensed. The way the data was stored also contributed to lengthy turnaround times. Having five disconnected databases meant that an update in one resulted in a manual update in the remaining four. Permission restrictions were a blocker as well. Only select users could access the data, creating bottlenecks in the workflows and to top it all off, the software IdahoSTARS had been using for years was soon to be obsolete.

The Challenge - Complex Processes
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Simplify It

In Time Tec created RISE, a web-based approach that was easier to access, easier to use, more intuitive, and more reliable. RISE consolidates the data in one place for robust, dynamic reporting that is consistent for every process. It also gives customers access and control of their own data. We focused on optimizing the workflow so IdahoSTARS could provide the value, training, and advice they were looking to provide in order to improve the education experience for young kids.

Quality Instead of Process

  • Created a web development team for IdahoSTARS so we can support them to roll out new features.
  • Provided a five-person offshore team to work closely with IdahoSTARS.
  • RISE has processed, approved, and paid trainers for 800+ scholarships since the beginning of the fiscal year. 
  • Minimized turn-around time for child care provider licensing and incentives.
  • Gave providers control of doing what they need to do administratively so coaches can focus on quality instead of processes.
  • IdahoSTARS is no longer the gatekeeper of their information. 
  • Planning to create a mobile-friendly application of RISE for everyday users.
The Result - Quality Instead of Process

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